The Easter Bunny at Rancho San Miguel Park!

The Easter Bunny paid her annual visit to Rancho San Miguel to visit with the kids and kick off the Egg Hunt. Thanks again to RSM parents for coming out with their kids, and the RSM Board for strategically hiding the eggs.   Announcements coming soon on RSMA’s next event!

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The Easter Bunny is coming! March 19th at San Miguel Park!

It’s once again time for the RSM Easter Egg Hunt in San Miguel Park!

IMG_2039 IMG_2029

Get your baskets and come down to meet all of your neighbors and the star of the show, the Easter Bunny. The hunt begins promptly at 10:00am, Saturday March 19th for children of all ages, but all neighbors are encouraged to attend and share in the revelry. If you haven’t already there will be an opportunity to sign up for the RSM Association and help us to continue putting on these events that make our neighborhood so great. Look forward to seeing you all at this wonderful annual tradition.

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