Election Candidate Workshop

Rancho San Miguel Association Members:

Your Board of Directors will be hosting the Annual Meeting of the Rancho San Miguel Association, to be held on October 12that the Swim Club from 3-5pm. This members-only meeting will include an election for a new Rancho San Miguel Association 9-member Board of Directors. Several members of the current Board are not running for reelection, so there will be open positions for those wanting to get involved.  

In order to educate and encourage candidates, we are holding a workshop for potential candidates on October 2nd at the Swim Club 6:30-9pm

Draft agenda:

●               Bylaws

●               Board meetings and rules

●               Officers

●               Events

●               Walnut Creek government

●               Berean relationship

●               Candidate statement

Completed  candidate statements will be posted on the website.

We encourage neighbors from Eichler’s and Jordan Reeds to run for the Board.

Please see the Rancho San Miguel website for updated information about the workshop: https://www.ranchosanmiguel.org/

Participation at the workshop is not mandatory for those wanting to run for a position on the Board.