Rancho San Miguel Get to Know Your Neighbors Car Show by: Phil Toy

October 14, Sunday, 3:00 pm on Santa Fe Drive
Come, meet and enjoy classic cars from our neighborhood.

My vision is to create creative forums for neighbors to get to know each other, hence building a more fun and cohesive community. Many neighbors have expressed interest in a ‘Car Show’. If you have a classic car or a special interest vehicle please contact me. Cars need not be in show condition, bring out your car projects, share with everybody your pride and joy’s. Let’s kick tires, share your passions, stories, and have a fun afternoon.

Enjoy the car show and vote for your favorites:

1. The car you would most like to drive up to Inspiration Point with your gal/guy for some inspiration.
2. The car you would most want to be dropped off at school in.
3. The car you would want to take to the grocery store.
4. The car you would like to have a first date in.
5. The car longest owned by the owner.
6. The Most Bad-assed car.
7. The Most Cutest car.
8. The vehicle you would most want to own.

Phil Toy – RSM Board – Show Organizer
925/274-1959 cell: 415/867-9483
email: philtoy@sbcglobal.net

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