RSMA Quarterly Meeting with Regency Shopping Center Management

On July 23rd, the RSMA Board and concerned neighbors met with the Regency Management to hear a presentation about our shopping center, the Fresh & Easy space, and future changes. RSMA neighbors listened, had suggestions and voice concerns about noise, crime, and construction impacts on their homes. Please see the recap below:

  • Regency is pushing for a grocery store, or drug store as a distant second, but nowhere near a confirmed tenet.
  • Could rework the existing tenants to create more square footage for grocery space.
  • They are looking at redoing the food court area within the next year.
  • Potentially giving the whole center a face lift within the next 5 years.
  • The current tenants all do good business, so no anticipated departures.
  • Regency is exploring alternate grocery store ideas: Market Hall concept, Fish monger, Produce, etc.
  • Prospective Tenants for the F&E space and response by Regency
    Fresh & Easy will be paying rent until the end of their lease. Potentially till the end of September.
  • Walmart Express – rather have the Rite Aid.
  • Rite Aid – Interested, but seeing how grocer turns out first.
  • Restaurant – Prefer a grocer, but open to it.
  • Hardware – Would take business from Encina Grande.
  • Auto Parts – Not happening.
  • Diablo Foods – They have not spoken, not likely but open to it.
  • Lunardi’s – They have spoken, no word.
  • New Leaf – They have spoken, no word.
  • Sprouts – Not interested.
  • (as suggested/asked about by RSM neighbors)Trader Joe’s – Not interested.
  • Neighborhood Requests:
  • Request to limit construction hours for stores that are remodeling.
  • Ask Kinders and Peets employees to not smoke behind their respective stores (Potential fire hazard.)
  • Change garage collection hours.
  • Encina Grande:
  • Current phase should be done in the fall.
  • Safeway lease up at the end of September.
  • Will begin Whole Foods phase once Safeway is out.
  • Business is doing well for current tenants, despite construction.
  • RSMA to do’s:
  • Meeting with the City Manager – ideas for agenda?
  • Current crime issues in RSM.
  • Code violations by the shopping center.
  • Update on intersection rebuild.
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