2013 Annual Dinner and General Meeting

Please note, due to schedule conflicts, we’ve had to change the date of the Annual Dinner to October 19th, still at 5PM, still at the RSM Swim Club at 2727 San Carlos Drive.

The RSMA General Meeting will follow the social portion at 7PM.

By request, I’m changing the name of the “Annual Dinner” to “Annual Potluck Social.”
To answer a couple of questions that came up at the Art Show:

Q: Why are we doing a potluck? It was tried in the past and didn’t work.
A: For two reasons. One, removing the admission fee many encourage more people to come and meet their neighbors, and sharing a variety of food is a nice plus. Two, as an association trying to shore up our funds, it made no sense to incur a loss for this dinner, which has been the case in the past. So, instead of charging for the dinner, we’re encouraging everyone to join or renew their membership to RSMA.

Q: OK, it’s a potluck. How do we know what to bring?
A: Bring anything you would like to share. As we get closer to the event, if you indicate in your event RSVP what you are bringing, our fabulous party planners will try to make sure we have a variety of entrees and appetizers, and not 100 salads. You may want to make a tray of lasagna, a vegetable quiche, or anything that you think would work well. We’ve done this successfully for the appetizer portion for years, so extending this to dinner should not be that difficult.

If you don’t cook at all, don’t let that stop you from coming – we can give you some ideas of things to pick up.

Q: Why are you not calling it a dinner? It’s always been called “the dinner”.
A: Some board members felt that a potluck is different than a dinner, and should not be named as such.

Q: There are a lot of people in the neighborhood who aren’t online. How are you going to let them know about the event and the new date?
A: We will print up flyers which we will hang up in the neighborhood. If you have a neighbor who you know is not on Nextdoor, please let him/her know about the event.

Q: I’m new to the neighborhood. What is RSMA and what’s the general meeting about?
A: Please review our site at ranchosanmiguel.org to learn more about RSMA. The general meeting is where we handle elections for the coming year. New members are welcome and encouraged.

If you have other comments or questions about the dinner, please let me know (Dan, 415-606-4226).

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