RSMA June Quarterly Meeting photos

Thank you RSM residents for joining us on Tuesday evening for the RSMA Quarterly Meeting!

Lot’s of neighbors joined the event for interesting talks from Republic Services, Recycle Smart, MCE Green energy and of course our neighbor Ian Evans about Solar.

We had plenty of positive feedback regarding the information people collected, e.g. how to successfully compost in your own backyard, what to keep out of the landfill and put into recycling/compost and vise versa. Young and old equally enjoyed the entertainment and speakers. A big thanks again to Libby Oda for making those delicious healthy foods – everyone enjoyed it immensely.

Here are a couple of takeaways from the meeting:

  1. Recycling needs to be clean and dry – it’s not necessary to put things through the dishwasher, but give it a quick wipe or rise it off as the last thing when you’re doing your dishes
  2. Landfill – keep all your food scraps (incl. bones and meat) out of your landfill and put it into your compost bin. You can collect it on your kitchen counter in those practical containers and the matching compostable bags you find here or here even at Safeway or Whole Foods.
  3. Composting – shred your newspaper and put it as a layer on your compost.

The organizers of the event are very pleased with all the positive feedback; here are just a couple of things how it already changed some peoples lifestyle to a more sustainable one:

  • Residents started ordering a small garbage (landfill) bin and are saving money now one month at a time
  • Residents are more aware of what to put in each bin
  • If you are confused about what goes in which bin, please check the following link or contact your RSM Green Team (you find them on FB and Nextdoor via a public group, which you can also sign up for to get regular news and updates in this topic)

And now enjoy the photos!