Dear Rancho San Miguel Community























I want to thank everyone who participated in our first Rancho San Miguel Art show.

We were delighted at the attendance – approximately 350 people participated in the Art show. This event has enriched our community. Gillian Epstein wrote ” In 32 years of living in Rancho San Miguel, this is the most exciting endeavor I have seen here”. Nancy Harrington Wiget Lane wrote “You have just added to the equity of our homes! Thank you”. Margo Marcellini wrote “Very Inspiring! Colorful, creative, and thought fully displayed. A nice event to build your neighborhood communities”. Izsy Daniels wrote “All the different styles of are just breath taking. Everyone’s piece had something that stood out and made you really think. Lovely!”. “To our Artist, I am amazed at the neighborhood talent which I become aware of today. Keep up the good work! Many thanks to the organizer!”. “Wow! How wonderful. I would hate to have to judge this show. So much beautiful works. Thank you Phil and Kelly for all the life and pleasure you bring to our community. You guys are a very silly TREASURE !. Love ya…Jim Hasse”. “Loved meeting the artist seeing their fun beautiful works and terrific music, Stu Kiltones (1st lifeguard manager of pool 1959)”. “Phil, Muy Bien! The show was a success! I loved meeting everyone and the art is sooo cool. Let’s do it again or may be a dance party? FUN, FUN, KELLY ROCKES Love Ximena”.
These are only a few comments out of 12 pages of appreciative notes of graditude.

I feel so delighted that we have all come together to build our community by sharing our art and getting to know each other. The art show is inspiring positive energy from people who want to share each others’ interests which is a vision I want to happen in our community. Not only are these Eichler homes special, but what makes them really special are the people.

I would especially like to thank the crew that helped install the art show. I could not have made the show deadline without the assistance and hard work of Mark Kress, Grant Reiling, Dan Simoes, Jim Jenkins, Scott Peterson, Nikko Miladinovich and my darling Kelly. My months of planning, designing the show, contacting everyone, testing and coming up w/ hanging systems, planning lighting, were executed with an all star team pouring an all out effort push helping with installing the show. It took Thursday 16 hours, Friday 14 hours and Sat 12 hours to make the Art show happen. (Thank goodness of tennis conditioning to take me to the end)

I really appreciate Jim Jenkins stepping up early Thursday morning after volunteers canceling to help, bringing to the swim center all the supplies and systems that I have purchased over months for the show. I want to thank Mark Kress for his conscientiousness and devotion Thursday and Friday working to the last minutes before the show. I really appreciate the creativity in Dan Simoes; It was wonderful working with Dan as we became one making table easel displays, custom hanging big heavy pieces, anticipating my needs. I want to thank Grant Reiling’s positive energy, dedication of doing whatever it needed to be done without hesitation. I want to thank Scott Peterson for taking time out of his busy schedule to help transport delicate art, using his metal cutting skills to cut 8-foot foam boards for table easel strips – cutting as if it was paper.

I also want to thank Nikko for helping me test and fine tuning the key hanging pieces on the beams and then painting another large painting in a week so there would be a matching sized painting on the other side of the beam. After hanging his art Thursday night, Nikko decides his painting needed more color and throws on more paint that evening for Friday’s show (his paintings here still wet at the show). Thank you to Bea Guttmann’s artistic eye helping decide the hanging of Sean McMullan’s paintings and Nancy Rex paintings. Thank you to my darling Kelly for keeping my head screwed on, bringing food to keep us going, running all over town to pick up last minute supplies, making the colorful art show sign in front of the swim center and for being live “fashion art” at the show. Thank you to Sheila Ford for getting a count clicker and Kathee Coleman for loan of truck. Also thank you Wayne Mets for bringing his cute red and white 1960 convertible Nash metropolitan. I want to thank my little green 1957 Metropolitan for starting up (without failing) Friday and Saturday morning. I want to thank Melissa Sunbury and Gerald Turetzky for allowing us to use the Rancho San Miguel Swim Club community room which makes a fantastic gallery; Peter Padan and his kids Ben and Eden for helping me to put up the art show banner ; Bonnie L. Johnson for coming up with brilliant balloon idea and Kelly getting those wild balloons for the banner to attract people on day of the show. I want to also thank the Rancho San Miguel Home Association’s funds and Board allocating for art show expenses and Grant Reiling for his generous donation. Finally I want to thank all the artists and everyone who participated to make this show a huge success in our community. This is what community spirit is all about.    (Please see more pictures on the “Albums” page)

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