Rancho San Miguel – Get to Know Your Neighbors Car Show

by Phil Toy


1. The car you would most like to have intimate  relations in.                                                   ’67 AIRSTREAM/Kelly Ng

2. The car you would most want to be dropped off at school in.                                             ’48 Chev Woody / Scott Satterla

3. The car you would want to take to the grocery store.                                                       Ford LTD Wagon/Rich Fidler

4. The car you would like to have a first date in.                                                                         ’62 Corvette / Bob Hamlin

5. The car longest owned by the owner   ’67 Dodge Polara/ Joffria Whitfield                      The car longest owned by most senior owner   ’68 Mercedes / Antonia Kittredge

6. The Most Bad-assed car.                                                                                                            Jeep Unlimited/ Jim Jenkins

7. The Most Cutest car.                                                                                                                        ’59 Nash Metropolitan / Phil Toy

8. The vehicle you would most want to own                                                                              Chev Volt/ Peter Padan

9. Favorite guest invitation car.                                                                                             Porsche Boxster/ Gail Wadsworth

TOO MUCH FUN, all this energy, fun, excitement, a sea of beautiful classic cars from our neighborhood brought smiles the size of Buick bumpers throughout the afternoon.

We have enriched our neighborhood from all those who participated.    With only a week from the newsletter being hand delivered with  information about the car show, the turn out was a huge success.   Neighbors expressed how spectacular this gathering of people, classic cars was and never has this happened before in RSM.

People where totally thrilled seeing Santa Fe Drive transformed into magic.   I want to thank Pat Wolf for passing out ballots.  It was a delight to see everybody running around with ballot sheets deciding and comparing  their favorites cars picks making this a interactive community car show event.    Everybody who attended and participated wants it to happen again.    Next year I need more HELP and Committees.

My friend Nita Ybarra, graphic designer shows up and volunteers to making the vote tally board.  Peter Padan tallied the votes with kids Ben, Eden, Lucas, Emma who were totally engaged with the vote tally process and the award ceremony.   Dan’s daughter Emma Simone posed while handing out 1st place trophies holding them up and handing them out like they where academy awards.   She must have seen the academy’s on T.V…..Cute.

For those who missed the awards ceremony, you missed a hoot.  The first award, ‘The car you would like to have intimate relations in’, was given to Scott Satterla with the 48 Chev Woody Wagon, only to have to return the trophy due to my error of  getting the winner mixed up.   After walking away 10 feet, I had to call Scott back to return the award.  Everybody was laughing.   I had to apologize for my error and re-announce the winner as the 1967 Airstream by Kelly Ng.  Kelly runs up thrilled saying that she has never won any coveted award like this before.


I want to Thank Gerald Turetsky for providing this fantastic P.A. system so people could hear and laugh at my mistakes.   Every car owner was a winner and received a trophy (provided by Rancho San Miguel Home Owners Association) and gift bags provided by Sports Basement.   I want to also Thank Fresh & Easy for their donation of food and beverages.    Thanks to Dan Simone for showing up early Sunday morning with a gas leaf blower.  I think we can get 2nd jobs with the Walnut Creek street cleaning department.   Thank you to  Rich Fidler, Grant Reiling, and Pat Wolf for running around to assist placing cars, moving barricades, Bob Hamlin for passing out car I.D. and name tags.  Especial Thanks to my darling Kelly Ng for organizing the food, keeping me fueled so I could  burn on high octane all week.

I want to THANK everyone who came out and everyone involved, plus all the neighbors on Santa Fe Drive.   We have enriched ourselves and further strengthened our community.

Sincerely yours,

Phil Toy –  Car Show Organizer – RSM Board

email: philtoy@sbcglobal.net

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