NEW! Candidate Statements

Mike Rothermel

I’ve lived in RSM since 2012, with my wife and our 7 year old daughter. I’m running for the board because I believe it’s important for the Association to have open lines of communication and positive, respectful relationships with the City, the businesses around us and the neighborhood in general.  I also appreciate the many volunteer hours others have put in over the years to host social/family events, bring in speakers, etc. and if I’m elected, I look forward to making positive contributions to RSM.

Dean Lundstrom

I moved to Rancho San Miguel in 2008 and immediately discovered the strong sense of community and friendly neighbors that make this neighborhood such an enjoyable place to live.  I joined the RSMA Board in January 2013 to become more involved.  Since then I have sat on the Civics Committee and have helped to put on multiple events for the community.  My passion for mid-century architecture came through as the chair for an informative discussion panel on Home Renovation, and as a docent on the Mayor’s Second Saturday guided walk of several homes in our neighborhood.  I believe it’s important to develop and strengthen relationships not only between ourselves as neighbors, but also with our local schools, hospitals, businesses, and the City government.

Peter Brewer

Faith and I and our family have been living in Rancho San Miguel since 1989.   Our three boys all went through the local schools. It was our pleasure to do what we could to add to our neighborhood.   Faith structured her workweek so she could volunteer in the classrooms when our boys were in elementary school.   She did a stint on the board at the Walnut Acres Day Care.  I did a term or two as President of the RSM Swim Club, and did meet setup duties for 15 years.

For the last dozen or so years Faith and I have hosted a New Year’s Open House for neighbors to offer a place within walking distance of their houses to celebrate the event.  And as well, in the last eight or nine years I have been known as the “oyster guy” for providing oysters at the annual Labor Day Party.  Draft beer, too.

I taught English at Castro Valley High School for 33 years, and have been retired for 4 years now.   I have also coached cross country and track & field for the last 37 years – – 25 years at Castro Valley High, 10 years at Northgate High, and now I am in my 2nd year at Alhambra High in Martinez.  

I have fully enjoyed all of the events that the RSMA has put on, and am appreciative of the efforts to represent our neighborhood concerns to the City of Walnut Creek.   This is a great neighborhood with a strong identity and civic awareness.   I would be glad to be helpful on those accounts as a Board member.  Especially on all those social events.

Thank you.

Darren Murata

I’ve been a resident in Rancho San Miguel since 2013. My wife and I fell in love with the mid-century modern houses and the wonderful neighborhood that surrounds it. I’ve always loved that the RSMA puts on fun and informative events, while also providing  a channel for civic discussion and helping to safeguard our community. I have a creative background, founded my own agency and also currently serve on the Oakland Asian Cultural Center board, which I enjoy supporting the arts and humanities. If elected, I look forward to helping organize and strengthen the RSMA, and having a direct influence on outreach and marketing.

Monique Pickering

My family and I have lived in the RSM neighborhood since summer 2013. I am originally German, but my husband is a Walnut Creek boy.

I am very passionate about the environment and my slogan is “Think globally Act locally”. In my role as the Recycle Club lead of Walnut Acres Elementary, I help children get started early on and understand the significance of this matter. I joined the board about 2 years ago to fix and redesign the website, and to support organizing environmentally friendly events. In this regard I organized an educational quarterly meeting to inform our residents about the importance of this topic.

I would love to continue to work for our RSMA neighborhood board and continue to make the world a better place. Thanks lots!

Brian Maher

Hi, my name is Brian Maher and I’m running for the Board of Directors, to continue my 6 years of service to the neighborhood.

My family and I moved here in July of 2013. It was a unique experience – as it felt like we had joined a Club – of people with a common interest, a love for mid-century, modern architecture, and a commitment to building Community. 

Shortly thereafter, I heard there was an opening on the Board, and I joined as Treasurer. I wanted to get involved, meet my neighbors and assist wherever I could.

In my position as Treasurer, I moved the finance tracking onto QuickBooks with uploads from our bank and PayPal accounts, created a spreadsheet to track membership payments, updated our name on the tax filing to Rancho San Miguel Association from an HOA, participated in Board meetings on a regular basis and paid my dues every year.

In addition, I’ve been active in activities we’ve held for the neighborhood: acting on the Renovation Panel, on the Landscape Panel, it was my suggestion for the Board to produce the Labor Day Block Party, which has been a huge success, and I brought Joseph Eichler’s grandson to a meeting to address the neighborhood, resulting in one of the most popular meetings yet. 

This month I’m volunteering to help co-ordinate the Community Service Project across from San Miguel Park. Don Meeker made a suggestion in his dues submission that the area was a fire hazard and rodent encampment, suggesting the City needed to take action. The Board took his suggestion to the City, and our community project will beautify the area, resolving the issues Don had reported.

I think living in RSM is a special privilege. I ask for you vote, to continue my support for the neighborhood, and participation in keeping it the best place I’ve ever lived.

Charlotte Rawa

I have been resident 2005 and have loved making wonderful friends in this neighborhood. For the last six years, you’ve known me as Easter Bunny.  I have been under cover as the Bunny during the annual Easter Egg Hunt in the park!  It’s been something I look forward every year.  I also have volunteered for many of the events or donated wine to the events.

As a Board member, I want to continue volunteering for all of the various events. My dream has always been to do a Halloween Carnival.  Those of you who know me, know how much I love Halloween and those who don’t likely know our house as the ‘Halloween House.”

From a leadership perspective, I promise to help the Association communicate and be responsive to the neighborhood.  I have good organizational and writing skills and would be happy to contribute in any way needed.

Michael Balistreri

We moved into our Eichler in RSM in 2012.  We are enormous fans of midcentury architecture and the community that is RSM.  Our daughter attends Walnut Acres School and my wife is the head room parent for the school and a regular volunteer.  RSM offers an amazing mix of people, from original owners to new families.  The neighborhood, and Joseph Eichler’s spirit, has evolved with the times, but the sense of community, celebration, and uniting for common good continues to run strong in our neighborhood.  My years as an international transactions attorney and corporate executive have reinforced the value of diplomatically addressing adversaries and purposefully asserting the interests of this neighborhood to local business and government in a manner that encourages them to engage in dialogue before taking action.  I also sit on the board of a lawyers’ organization in San Francisco and hold a vice-chair role in the International Section of the American Bar Associations. 

Having served on the board these recent years, I am proud of the continued legacy that I have contributed to, in furtherance of the decades of leadership that have preceded me.  Our relationship with the City and its leadership is strong, our understanding of Berean’s and John Muir’s goals and visions remain appropriately tempered in deference to their impacts on RSM, and the recurrent events have been a success, with opportunities to improve them further, and add additional ones.  If elected, I look forward to continuing my contributions to the RSMA board, navigating the most effective path to address myriad neighborhood perspectives and capitalize on the resurgent energy and attention on the RSMA.  With firsthand knowledge of RSMA’s efforts these past few years, as well as the ability to provide legal color to the issues affecting our neighborhood, I bring another set of resources to the RSMA to complement the other board members.  If you vote for me, you should be confident in my desires to prevent activities that diminish our property values, preserve the welcoming nature of RSM, and further the sense of community.